Marble Mountain Mules

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Updated April 27, 2015

Rascal is a sorrel paint john mule foaled June 16, 2013.  He is very sweet and loves people. He picks up his feet, highlines, ties, ponies and loves to be brushed.  He has a really cute head and is a flashy mover!  This boy is going to make someone a great saddle mule and will be at least 15H.  Don't miss out!  We also have a 2012 old dun/busckin molly for sale. 
Trinity was sold, but her new owner developed health issues. Trinity is a mare mule we raised born July 2, 2010 and is dappled smutty buckskin.  She is 14.3 hands and is still growing.   Trinity has the best disposition, absolutely loves people and runs to meet you from the field! She is saddle broke and has packed in the mountains. You can ride her out by herself and she loves to go..   She high-lines, hobbles and is good with her feet.
Crystal is a dun with dorsal stripe and was born June 22, 2008, to our buckskin mustang mare.  This mare puts a nice head and great feet on her foals.  She has been ridden and packed in the mountains and she really steps out.  Crystal is a full sister to Belle and Modoc (see Our Foals page).  She is 14.2 hands and will be a very nice trail, show or endurance mule.